Night 3, back to the old

After the battle for his morning nap and the fact that he doesn’t seem to be feeling well, I decided for his afternoon nap I was going to let him fall asleep in my arms. He needs some decent sleep that isn’t a fight to start. If he is getting sick lack of sleep and getting all worked up isn’t going to help him. I scheduled an appointment with his doctor tomorrow and hope he doesn’t have an ear infection.

Back to the sleeping…. my husband made a good point to me. Little man has always done things in his own time, even when we push for them sooner. Crawling, no matter how much we tried working with him to crawl he wasn’t having it. Since he was slightly behind with crawling and pulling up it was recommended to do physical therapy. The week before we started, he decided to start crawling. Basically he doesn’t seem ready for this so why push it?

We have decided now is not the time for us to try this method of changing his sleep. Holding him until he falls asleep is much less stressful for all of us than the fight we have had the last 2 nights.

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