Night 2

Well we started off by ending our bedtime routine with a crying screaming fit. He seems to know that after story time it is time to be put in the crib now, he’s still not happy about that. He’s been cranky pants all evening and this is only adding to the chaos.

He was so close to being asleep in my arms at one point, I laid him down and the screaming was back. Picked him up and he was asleep as soon as he cleared the crib! Moved him back to the crib he started to fuss but I shushed and patted and he’s asleep at 7:48. Not too terrible, now to make it through the rest of the night. Fingers crossed it goes as well as it can.

Up at 10:45, was a huge battle and didn’t go back to sleep until just after 12:30. Then back up at 3:20.

Second night was worse than the first. He now knows when we cradle him to sooth and settle him down it means we will be moving him to the crib. He doesn’t like that so as soon as we try and cradle him, what used to calm and sooth him, now upsets him and he starts screaming.

I’m not sure I can keep this up.

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