Sleep Coaching/Training Night 1

Night One:

We started at 6:30. I figured might as well go straight for it and see what happens. As expected, he started screaming. Since we started the bedtime routine early to lead to an earlier bed time I figured let’s go back to reading, settle down some more and wait until he’s showing signs he’s tired.

Once the eye rubbing started round 2; same results. Back to the bed…. hmm… he lays on the bed no problem but won’t lay in the crib. What’s different, dark in the nursery but the bathroom light is on giving the bedroom some light. We turn the nursery light on and try again. This time better luck. He is a little fussy but not screaming bloody murder. He goes back and forth between quiet and fussing for about 10 minutes before it’s back to screaming. Now we decide we need a softer light, we move my salt lamp to the nursery as a temporary night light. I cradle him in the rocker (not rocking just patting his back), he’s almost asleep. I try to move him very very slowly continuing to pat him. My mistake, stopped patting when I went to move my hand from under his neck. Wide awake and screaming.

Now it’s my husbands turn, I tell him what I did and what I think failed. He tries to repeat minis my mistake….

7:48 he’s down, quiet and barely asleep.

8:00 he’s out

11:08 he’s up, I give him a minute but he’s fussing so give him his binkie and

11:10-13 pat on butt till asleep

11:16 two little cries

*stayed in crib

1:15 awake again. gave binkie, no luck. Tried patting, still extremely fussy. Starting to get frustrated, husband steps in to help. Diaper change.

1:28 2 oz bottle

1:29 hubby starts patting working towards the crib

1:34 he’s back to holding him after a fit. After a bit I step in.

1:50 try teething drops

1:53 I’ve lost my patience. This is tough.

2:11 he’s gotten so worked up crying and screaming I feel like he’s going to make himself sick. We decide to hold him to sleep.

2:30 he’s asleep, now I can try and an hour and a half of sleep before getting up for work

What a night. This is tough, it’s going to hard to get through this.

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