Goodbye Breast Pump

I’m free! That’s how I feel now, no more lugging my pump and supplies to work daily, washing parts daily, keeping up with enough clean bottles daily. I’ve done it, I ditched my pump. I can’t begin to tell you how much stress just vanished.

This wasn’t exactly planned this soon. We haven’t quite made it to the one year mark. However, the past few months what I’ve been able to pump each day has dwindled down to just 2 ounces total. We have been supplementing with formula on the days I work for 2 or all 3 bottles but seem to have no problems nursing Morning, night and weekends.

This week started by drop from 3 pumping sessions while at work down to 2. Monday went as expected, I got very little milk. Monday night I was tired and decided to take advantage of pumping less and decided to just use the one pump set twice rather than wash both sets I used out of laziness. Tuesday rolls around and my first time to pump comes. I close and lock my office door, get my Medela pump in style tote bag out (I am so glad I went with this set) and start to get set up. That’s when it hits me, I have enough of the valves, membranes and connectors, but only 2 shields. Those 2 shields are sitting at home.

My first thought is to get them, then I start to plan out a day without pumping. It’s like a day dream, I’m not spending time to pump such a small amount then get stressed because I can’t seem to build my supply up even a little no matter what I try. I think this is a blessing forgetting I needed those shields. I decide to see how the day goes without pumping.

There was a little discomfort but since the next day I had a huge offsite meeting I decided to see how day 2 went. I still nursed in the morning, was able to not worry about sneaking off and finding a private space to pump, and nursed again at night. Again I had some slight discomfort but this was working.

It is now morning of day 4 and I’m loving being pump free. Especially since Little Man is back to waking during the night, having less to remember to wash, pack and haul to work has been nice. I’m a little worried about how this weekend will go as I hope to continue to only nurse and not give formula. Since I’ve only been nursing Morning and night will that lead to having to give formula during the day on the weekends even though I’m with him? I hope not, I have just a little over a month I hope to continue to nurse when I’m with him. With the cost of formula it would be nice not to have to make 6 more bottles a week of it, but time will tell.

The plan was to wean off the pump dropping one session every few weeks, that plan has officially gone out the window!

To those who pumped I applaud you. If it was just for a short time, or long term it isn’t easy. No matter how you have chosen to feed your baby we all have our battles. We all are doing amazing even when we don’t see it ourselves.

Are you a pumping momma? How do you plan to ditch the pump?

Already ditched the pump? Did it go as planned?

Never pumped? What plan do you or did you have to wean off of strictly nursing or formula?

*Please do not leave rude comments or opinions on those who choose to feed their baby different than you.

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