Our first Hydrocephalus Walk

Today was our first year attending the Walk to End Hydrocephalus. I am so glad I found this walk and look forward to attending yearly. 

The weather was great for the walk, not too hot and the rain is holding off until tonight. 

There was a bunch going on with the walk. They had a handful of character appearances including Snow White, Belle, a Storm Trooper, Maui, Wonder Woman and more. There was a T-Shirt contest which I am proud to say our team won. Mainly due to the phrase on the back below the shoes “because I give a shunt”. They had coffee and breakfast for us. A DJ that did a great job, a few vendors giving away goodies such as stress balls, frisbees and cups. The fire department was there and even did a CPR class. 

I met another Hydro Warrior and it was nice to hear her story. There was also another warrior around Jax’s age, unfortunately I didn’t gets chance to meet with her or her parents but my mother in law did and heard her story. I hope to be able to meet them at some point in the near future. It would be nice to have someone around Jax’s age that also has Hydro for him to hang out with. 

Can’t wait for the walk next year! Until then I will continue to raise awareness for Hydrocephalus and do whatever I can to help. 

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